At Space Resources Australia our mission is to  provide key space-derived resources to the emerging Space Industry.

The ever evolving and improving technology capabilities available on Earth has widened the boundaries for exploration and mining. The identification of prolific Asteroids orbiting within our reach has ignited this new resources sector and has become a not too distant reality.  

These Celestial bodies contain an abundance of in-demand, diverse resources such as metals, gas and water which will allow us to sustain life on Earth as well construct the equipment we need to further explore our Solar System. 



Available technologies & solutions

The technologies that make space accessible to both humans and virtual artificial geologists are here. Rapid progress of rocket technology, satellites, past and present NASA missions and Near-Earth-Asteroid monitoring systems has transformed the ability to complete round trip rendezvous missions to various types of asteroids.


Asteroid mining benefits

What do we know about resources of space and how to use them? Look no further than everyday resources that have transformed our ever urbanising lives just in the last century such as;


Industrial Rocks and Minerals