Our Mission

At Space Resources Australia our mission is to provide key space-derived resources to the emerging Space Industry. We aim to:

  • Promote innovation and technologies required for space activities, particularly areas considered a competitive advantage for Australia
  • Engage in international collaborations, strategic partnerships and education systems in order to share resources, access asteroid data, and better understand past expeditions
  • Identify domestic and international partnerships to align ourselves with and support the Australian Space Industry
  • Promote all space related activities via research, experiments and education
  • Provide first mover advantage for the Australian Space Industry through exploration and discovery

"We may choose either to retreat into a stagnant, shrinking future and play a zero-sum game on an exhausted planet or expand into a vast new arena of activity, rich in material wealth and vibrant with energy, which will allow us both the freedom to escape the cradle and the resources to keep our home planet alive and well."

John S. Lewis, Mining the Sky